County Fair Foods has enjoyed a long and colorful history in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California. The family roots of our company date back to 1910 when our first pickles and sauerkraut were processed by hand and delivered direct to  local restaurants.

Through the Great Depression, World Wars and the boom of the 1950’s, County Fair continued to be a vital part of the local commerce. As the concept of the refrigerated pickle began to evolve in the Midwest during the 70’s, County Fair looked ahead to the future of the pickle business and embarked on the road to fresh.

Envisioning a high quality line of pickle products and using tried and true recipes, real garlic and a special blend of whole pickling spice, County Fair revolutionized the food service pickle industry.

With four generations all committed to producing the finest pickle products, County Fair has become the largest packer of refrigerated pickles in the Western United States. Working closely with small operations as well as large chain accounts, County Fair has built a strong reputation in the food service industry for quality, consistency and customer service. Nothing less than the absolute best is acceptable.

The past 100 years have provided us with a strong philosophy and a solid foundation to succeed in the future. We look forward to the next 100 years with great anticipation in not only maintaining our strong relationships in business but also developing new friends along the way.

From our family to yours, enjoy and “share the experience”.