About Us


Our ROOTS date back to 1910 when our pickles, peppers, and sauerkraut were prepared fresh daily by hand. Our award-winning products were sold from pickle carts at the County Fair, which soon created a demand from local restaurants and businesses for our premiere products. During the dining explosion that began in the 1970’s, County Fair embarked on our Fresh Refrigerated line of products, and the overwhelmingly positive response form our customers has since grown County Fair into the largest Refrigerated packer in the Western United States. We partner with local farmers to cultivate over 6,000 acres per year in California keeping a close eye on our fields and yields.

County Fair Foods’ SQF certified, 100% solar operated plant is located in the San Joaquin Valley; the nation’s most fertile agricultural region. With generations of manufacturing experience, we have developed close, vital relationships with the farmers who grow our personally selected seeds. This ensures the best produce for an outstanding finished product. Our vertically integrated sorting, brining and manufacturing enable us to send only the highest quality products to our customer’s tables.