Catering Concepts

Pickle "Pizzazz"

Pour yourself a Bloody Mary, add a County Fair Pickle Spear for garnish and read on. Create "Pizzazz" to any occasion or event with our fresh Kosher Deli flavor pickles. For starters offer a low calorie pickle spear on your platter, or try our Kabob Marinade and utilize beef or chicken in a variety of presentations. Our long slice offers multitudes of options - Pickle Pinwheels, Pickle Wraps, Party Skewers with cheese and tomatoes. Don't forget to keep us in your lineup with it comes to specialty cater trays or platters. The Pickle Perfect "Possibilities" are just endless.

catering picture

CREATING A FIRST IMPRESSION with lasting results -- what every caterer wants! County Fair Fresh Premium "Refrigerated" Products ensure that the results will follow.

As a caterer your events vary and we at County Fair offer options from the "fast and furious" to a variety of amazing recipes you can utilize as-is or build upon to create your own signature first impressions.

Our products naturally enhance the flavors of your creations and you will outshine your competition.

"Taste the Difference" so you can share the experience for all your special event needs.

DELI SERVICE there are many ways to make your mark on a signature sandwich or salad with fresh products - our Long Slices are perfect for an upscale presentation.

WEDDINGS can offer many salad opportunities and our Potato Salad is an excellent choice for all your events.