Sustainable Winter Harvest

County Fair Shade Houses

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Sustainable Harvests in Western Mexico

County Fair follows the sun all year long. We farm most of the year in the fertile San Joaquin Valley and then we head to Western Mexico. Our winter crops are treated with the same guidelines we use in California, maintaining sustainability practices that produce premium quality fruit.

In the winter we utilize "Shade Cloth" or Shade Houses to control the environment as much as possible, assisting in temperature retention similar to a greenhouse. We believe in sustainable farming practices and by utilizing these programs we are conserving water, eliminating unnecessary chemicals and managing the environment for our crops.

We are always exploring sustainable alternatives and environmental practices for a better tomorrow.

Shade House Environmental Advantages

  • Field protection from pest infestations that could affect neighboring areas
  • The use or need of chemical pesticides are greatly diminished
  • Utilized drip irrigation manages the amount of water needed by each plant
  • Plant fertilization is managed per plant requiring only what is needed
  • Unique seed variety