Quality and Food Safety

Kosher Certification and quality assurance

Our pickles are Fresh “Refrigerated” CERTIFIED KOSHER products made with only the freshest ingredients and the highest quality products. You will never see any of our products cooked or pasteruized ever!

County Fair has a full time QA Staff. There are many things we do to keep you safe so you will enjoy our quality fresh products. We have a fully developed and third party audited Food Safety Plan, a Food Security Plan, a Vendor Certification Program and HACCP Plan just to name a few. We utilize both an on-site lab as well as an outside lab when we send out samples for microbiological testing programs, and we even invite independent labs to evaluate the water supplied to us from local city water sources.

The highest standards for quality assurance and food safety are the priority with County Fair Foods. We are proud of our HAACP and voluntary third party audit approved production facility along with our many programs that offer you the finest in quality assurance and freshness. Taste the Difference.

Our 2014 Kosher Certification - pdf document

Our Recyclable Plastic Pails

As part of our food safety initiative, all pails that we use in our Refrigerated Pickle Products must include "tear strips". These tear strips are necessary to insure our tamper evident packaging requirements are met. Pails must also meet a mandated drop test required by the industry to guarantee that a lid cannot pop open or break if pail is accidentally dropped.

County Fair prefers pails that, along with the tear strip, use a scalloped lid design where only (4) tabs remain on the lid after the tear strip is removed. We have found that access to the pail, once the tear strip is removed, is much easier for the consumer. County Fair is continually reviewing safe and customer friendly packaging.

Key take-away: Our pails, lids and handles are all 100% recyclable plastic!