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Jalapeno Peppers (Nacho Sliced)

Buying only from select growers of California County Fair Jalepeno Peppers are crisp with an excellent flavor. Jalapenos are used to spice up a dish or used as a garnish - especially for your Mexican dishes.

Available in Nacho Sliced

4/1 gal.


Banana Wax Peppers

Fresh field ripened from select California growers, are available in both sweet or hot and offer a crisp, fresh-like quality and consistency.

Available in both Sweet and Hot

4/1 gal. glass



Banana Wax Pepper Rings

California-grown, and from only select growers, County Fair Peppers are fresh packed for the best quality. Banana Wax Pepper Rings have a crisp bite and are mild in flavor ensuring that they will perfectly complement your sandwiches, salads, pizza and pasta.

Available in Mild and Hot

4/1 gal. glass

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