Don't Forget the Fresh Pickles

Crispy, Crunchy, Flavorful & Fun
kids love the fresh ones!

Kids and Pickles

Teens identified pickles as one of their favorite vegetables in a consumer study conducted for the pickle industry.

  • The USDA says just 1/8th of a cup of pickles counts as one of the five recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

  • Fresh pickles without artificial ingredients or hardening agents can offer less salt.

  • Keep several varieties of pickles and pickled peppers refrigerated for convenient after-school or summertime snacks. They're a cut above the high-fat, empty calorie foods kids might otherwise choose.

  • Add pungent flavor and give most any sandwich filling more "kid appeal" with a layer of long pickle slices or pickle chips.

  • Kids are dill-lighted with cool, refreshing pickle pops. Chill large, juicy dill pickles, then skewer with ice cream sticks for a snack that's long on flavor, short on calories and fat. Make it a "grab and go" by putting them in a glass jar in the brine.

  • For those who are interested in the newest rave and really like to "chill" - freeze pickle brine into ice cube trays or frozen popsicles. The flavor is refreshingly "sour" and will keep everyone puckering up for more. Have a sweet tooth? Use sweet pickle brine!

  • Nibble your way into the hearts of those you love by wrapping a sweet slice or baby dill pickle in a slice of salami, bologna or ham spread with low-fat cream cheese.

  • For a "Kool" twist of taste add your favorite sugarfree Kool-Aid mix in a jar and then soak pickle chips, spears or whole dills to create a colorful mouthful of flavor fun!