County Fair FAQs

Do you cook your products? You are getting the very best in FRESH! Absolutely none of County Fair's Refrigerated Products (pickles, tomatoes or sauerkraut) is ever pasteurized. Even our shelf-stable products are not pasteurized.

How long will fresh pickle products hold? Instead of cooking the life out of our products, we keep all of our refrigerated products cold and use just enough vinegar and salt to preserve. That's why we proudly claim our shelf life to be 150 days.

Why pickles? Pickles are a great healthy ( 4 calorie ) alternative. Great for snacking, catering, on a sandwich or burger, as an ingredient and to garnish a plate. People love pickles!

What makes County Fair Kosher Refrigerated Pickles CRISP NATURALLY?

We pack daily and we keep the pickles refrigerated at all times! Often people comment on the crisp bite of a pickle. If you leave refrigerated pickles out in room temperature they will start to ferment and become softer over time. Refrigeration slows the fermentation process.

It is key with fresh refrigerated products that you leave them refrigerated at all times to maintain the crisp snappy crunch that you love. County Fair recommends consistent refrigerated handling to retain the crunch.

What do you mean when you say you follow the sun? Cucumbers are a row crop and they need plenty of sun to grow. County Fair hand picks fresh cucumbers all year long so we follow the sun from California to Western Mexico and up to Texas as the seasons change so we can offer you the highest quality of "Fresh Refrigerated" products daily.

What makes County Fair Premium Relish so good? County Fair's Premium Relish is 100% pickles with the highest usable product. We use real sugar ( not corn syrup ) so you will have a cleaner taste and it may not be as sweet (due to the natural sugar versus corn syrup). Today everyone is looking for more natural options.

What is the difference between Greek and Turkish Peperoncini? County Fair is all about QUALITY and we only sell "real" Greek Peperoncini. Imported from Greece, they are often mistaken for those in the market grown in Turkey. The Turkish variant has a different flavor and texture and are not considered true peperoncini.

Often the shades of color can be misleading; we always use only the highest quality peperoncini and will not substitute or mix Greek and Turkish products. We do not add any artificial colors to enhance the color. The natural color of the peperoncini varies depending upon the harvest, soil and climate conditions - the product may be more pale in color yet the flavor and texture will remain at the same high quality one would expect.


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